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Rencontre avec mon homonyme

http://peripleasaintpetersbourg.over-blog.com/ Bon ce matin j’ai été en cours de russe (oui c’est passionnant je sais), et après dans l’après-midi j’ai été faire la rencontre de mon homonyme. Attendez, je vous explique : donc le premier jour où je suis arrivée à Saint-Pétersbourg, je cherchais mon chemin de la résidence étudiante à l’université. Et par hasard sur …

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What to do in Saint Petersburg

by Ekaterina Savchenko Having bachelor degree from another Saint-Petersburg’s educational institution and 3 years of professional experience, I entered to master’s course at Saint-Petersburg State University in 2015 and I’ve never regretted that. Not only is this university one of the oldest, but also it is unexpectedly modern and friendly. SPbU was founded in 1724 …

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Everything you wanted to know about SPbU dormitory

Camila Sagyntkan New semester is coming and I think its comfortable just to write here the needed information about the main dorm for foreigners #19 - it's located on Kapitanskaya street, 3. There are three types of flat: 1. the biggest. number ends with 1 or 5 (for example: 501, 95). for 7 people (3A+2B+2C) …

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No Experience like a Russian Experience

Studying in Saint Petersburg has been an amazing experience. I’ve been gifted with the ability to learn about Russia’s vast culture, its people and tradition. If this is your first time in Russia, like myself, especially coming from Australia and not having been to Europe or anywhere with a similar culture, it was a huge …

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Study one or two semesters at SPbU – that‘s the question!

When applying as an exchange student for SPbU you have to decide, whether you want to stay there for one semester of even the whole academic year. In case you want to start your exchange period in the spring term you have to take into consideration that it won‘t be possible to stay here for …

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Once Upon A Spring Semester

My Reason for Attending: My parents and I left St. Petersburg, Russia during the tumultuous nineties when the country was struggling to adjust to the new government. It was a time of unbelievable crime, shortages, and overall uncertainty. I was only two years old; therefore, do not remember much about it. However, I always felt …

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