Everything you wanted to know about SPbU dormitory

Camila Sagyntkan

New semester is coming and I think its comfortable just to write here the needed information about the main dorm for foreigners #19 – it’s located on Kapitanskaya street, 3.
There are three types of flat:
1. the biggest. number ends with 1 or 5 (for example: 501, 95). for 7 people (3A+2B+2C)
2. the middle. number ends with 2 or 4 (for example, 904, 72). for 4 people (2A+2B)
3. the smallest. number ends with 3 (for example, 603)
And yes, its possible to change the room, flat, whatever, if you dont like smth (for example, roommate snores (btw, the most popular reason! 😄), just ask the main babushka downstairs to move you to another flat or room).
There is no hall, I mean the really big place where you can chill with friends, if compare with other dorms on Vasilyevsky Island that have got such kind of place. But it’s not a problem.
On the first floor there is laundry. Prices are cheap: 100rubles for 5kg to wash, and to dry approx. 80-90rubles. I dont know how it will be in next semester, because they change the prices every year or semester. But anyway, it’s cheap.
Aha, wifi! We have been so lucky in this semester because finally the really nice wifi was done in our dorm. And on the first floor there is study room. Its small, but a lot of people use it.
Location (in my opinion) is the hugest plus of the dorm. Because it’s Vasilievsky Island, its just two stations from the center, there are plenty of foodshops/supermarkets.
If there are some questions, just ask, because I dont know what I can write more about our lovely dorm.

1. I don’t know yet in which dormitory I’ll be placed. When will I receive the information about my dormitory?
Answer: In summer semester everybody has to be on his/her place in each dorm in the end of August as far as I know
ABOUT THE NUMBER OF ROOM: if u wrote “yes” in ur application, so u have to receive the number of the dorm where u are gonna live. u dont need to ask the room. u should know ur number of the dorm, but number of the room u will be told when u will be here.

2. Do you pay for internet?
Answer: In your flat – yes. To have wifi you with your roommates have to buy, find, take or whatever the router and then register it in the main building of university and choose the speed of the internet that u want. BUT on the first floor there is just free dorm wifi.

3. If in the application form I’ve put that I don’t need a place at the dormitory but I changed my mind, would it be possible to request a place or is it too late?
Answer: You need to ask your coordinator. next semester there will be +-300 students, 10-20% of them might decide to rent a flat so after this usually some free places appear and anyway there will be an opportunity to live in the dorm if you talk with people who are responsible for this, with administrator.

4. Do you know if two people (guy and girl) can ask to stay in the same room? Or it is strictly divided by gender?
Answer: It’s forbidden by rules, though some solve it between girl’s/guy’s roommates.

5. How about kitchen(s)? Can you actually cook there, not just boil water for noodles. Is there only one per floor (where no one cleans and every morning 20 or so hungry/sleepy/crumpy students fight for few teacups) or one kitchen per flat?
Answer: One kitchen per a flat. and its fully furnished. some stuff a teapot, microwave, toast and etc. students buy themselves, but usually this all stuff can be left by previous students

6. Is there a curfew?
Answer: 24 open for us, for guests from 8am till 11pm

7. Do you know if new people usually share a room / flat with other new people? For example are the fall semester guys usually together, or could we be sharing with people who started in the spring?
Answer: Both situations are common.

8. Are there blankets and pillows etc. at the dorms or should I bring my own? Sheets are a must, I guess?
Answer: Our dorm automatically gives you them (blankets, pillows and etc.), then you can change them every Thursday. Or you can have your own, if you wish. for example, I use my own.

9. Would it be possible to move in to the dormitory after a couple of weeks after our arrival?
Answer: Yes, if you wrote yes in the application, your place is saved until you come. However, it’s better if you inform your coordinator.

10. Does everybody love Kapitanskaya Dorm?
Answer: YES, WE DO A LOT! 🙂

5 thoughts on “Everything you wanted to know about SPbU dormitory

  1. Lisa Loreal

    Is it possible to chose which hall of residence you want to be in, or with how many people you should be in the room (I would prefer none, but I don’t think it’s possible)?


    1. alyonalebedeva

      Unfortunately, you can’t choose either which hall of residence you will be in, or how many people will be in the room with you.


    2. Renske Schouwink

      When I went there, it was possible state your preference about the number of people and if you were going with a friend, you could also requrest to be housed together. There were no private apartments in the building. As far as I know, there were always 2 beds in a bedroom (although, if you were lucky, the other bed wasn’t occupied) and usually there were 2 or 3 bedrooms in an apartment. No mixed male/female apartments.


  2. Lisa Loreal

    Thank you for your answers! I have another question that was on my mind recently. Do you, by any chance, know if it is possible to have a bathroom reserved for one bedroom (not in the apartment or block area)?


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