Medical help in Saint Petersburg

Being an exchange student, you are usually in Russia for a long time and different things can happen.

Here’s advice on what to do if you’re ill.

When you’re planning your exchange period pay attention to the insurance you’re buying. It should have full coverage and it’s useful to check beforehands how to use the insurance in case you’re ill. Insurance companies usually choose the hospitals themselves so you should always have your insurance near you and know whom to contact according to the insurance. You can also get an insurance in Russia (полис ДМС) in any insurance company (Росгосстрах, Альфа-страхование etc).

One of the clinics foreign students often recommend is Euromed because they have English-speaking specialists and work with a lot of insurance companies, but if you don’t want to pay yourself, you need to check the insurance procedures and rules with your insurance company.

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